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Constant, transparent and personalized communication with the client and candidates


Follow-up of applications in any part of the process


We interview candidates to assess whether their expectations are in line with yours

"Our main goal is to look for talent and find the key piece that companies need for their teams. We want to unite the company and the candidate in a close, sincere and professional atmosphere, fulfilling the objectives of both parties"

IT & Digital

Keep It Up

We want to be your partners in connecting career opportunities with talent. We specialize in the Digital and IT world! We are restless by nature, we love to learn, to know and to share knowledge, it's amazing what fills us with the ability to connect a person's life with a new project!

Software Engineers

Frontend, back-end, Fullstack, DevOps, Architect with the best technologies: Javascript, Python, .NET, C#, ...


UI/UX, Product manager & owner, Project leader, SEO/SEM specialist, Community Manager,...

Networks & Data

System and network Engineer, Data Scientist, IA expert,...


Process Engineer, hardware lead engineer, Manufacturing engineer...


Keep It Safe

In KeepitSafe we are involved in the field of cybersecurity, that is why we are collaborating in the creation of a network that unites the best professionals with the leading companies in the sector.

Ethical Hacking

Pentester, Information Security Engineer, Security analyst, Technical Auditor, Cloud security Engineer,...


SOC Analyst (L1-L3), Monitoring Engineer, ...

Security Managers

IT Governance & Information, General Security Overview, DPO, Ciso,...

Security Consultant

Sales, Audit & Risk Consultant, Compliance professional, ...


What are they saying about us??

" Albert is a great and skilled professional. I collaborated with him to find a job opportunity in Barcelona. His work was terrific, always asking right questions and providing support for my family and me to relocate in Spain. "
Nicolas Cava
Senior Software Engineer @Lunchr
"It is a pleasure to have contacted Eduard, he knew how to find the ideal position I was looking for. After two years with an internship contract from the university I can make the jump to Vonzu thanks to him."
Oscar Crespo
Full Stack Developer @VONZU
" Albert is a talented professional and helped me a lot finding new interesting opportunities. Even I refused some of them, he understood my reasons and kept looking for other options. So, finally one of the opportunities became my current job. "
Roger Bertrand
Frontend & Mobile Apps Engineer @GPM
"One of the things I value most is communication. In this process, Eduard has been in contact from start to finish, managing each phase of the selection process effectively."
Miguel Siesto
.Net Developer @GPM
"The whole selection process was very fluid and cordial, from the first call you have clear what the company is looking for and what you can bring to them. In the end, I got a job offer in an amazing company, with very nice people and in a very interesting project, it's one of those jobs where you never get bored!!"
Julio Alvarez
Machine Learning Engineer


If you are looking for a job, come in and find the offer that best suits you!


About Us

We are a young team, experts in staff pick of Digital and IT environments, mostly in Barcelona, Madrid and Paris. We speak a lot of different languages: Spanish, English, German, French and Catalan. Currently we are living in a real technological revolution where coexist two principal actors: Employers and Employees. Companies dream to build a team whose understand the needs and the goals of the project, basically, to make it their own! On the other hand, the professionals are looking for these projects that make real their passion. So, our mission is to do our bit to fit both actors and then, make people’s lives easier.

Albert Juvillà
Director & Co-founder
Eduard Calderon
Talent Developer & Co-founder
Marc Castells
Advisor & Co-founder
Gemma Camps
Talent Developer
Frecuently asked questions


Job Seekers

How do we work in KeepItup?

First, take a look at our offers and contact us! Secondly, we know each other, we value your skills and most importantly: your motivations. Finally, our aim is to find you the project that will best motivate you for the next step in your career.

What do we do in KeepItSafe ?

In KeepitSafe we are specialized in Recruitment within the area of Cybersecurity. We are in constant contact with experts and trainers in Cybersecurity, helping them to attract the best talent.

What is the price of our services?

It is a free service for candidates, you just check our offers, we know each other and we value together your new challenge!

What kind of companies do we work with?

We work with both purely technological companies and those focused on other areas but which have developed their own large technological infrastructures to adapt their product and management to the new times. Our clients are both Startups, SMEs and multinational companies mainly in Spain (Barcelona and Madrid) and France (Paris).Beyond the size, core or location, we work with companies that give value to talent.

How does KeepITup and KeepItSafe differ from other recruitment agencies?

We know what we're talking about, we try to keep up with new technologies and we specialize in certain specific areas as you can see on our website. We do not SPAM your profile. We try to fit your motivations with the most suitable project. We want the experience of changing jobs to be easy and comfortable.

Talent Seekers

How is KeepITup different from other recruitment agencies?

We do not SPAM with candidates, because MORE is not BETTER. We take care of the processes, maintain a fluid communication and try to make the experience of the service comfortable, close and transparent.

How is KeepItSafe different from other recruitment agencies?

We are the first agency to specialize in profiles focused on Cybersecurity. We know the industry and its most influential professionals!

For which countries do you offer your services?

We are a multilingual team, speaking Spanish, Catalan, French and English. This has led us to relate to professionals from all over the world and we are currently very focused on Spain (Barcelona and Madrid) and France (Paris).

What is the price of our services?

It's simple, you only pay when we find and incorporate the person who fits your project. It is a competitive fee based on a payment of between 15 - 20% of the Annual Base Salary of the person hired.